You got mail.

When I got home today I was pleased to see that there was a letter on the floor - with a DVD ;D Now I can watch myself whenever I feel that I want to laugh and have a good time :P Haha wanna watch it with me anyone? I've got a lot of popcorn... ;D

Up, up and away!

(The picture is from my trip to Paris -06)

And then it was monday again... The sun is shining and the weather it's great. I love the autumn, with all the red leaves that makes the trees burn in the summerglow.

So, what's going on today? I don't know really, I just know that I wont have anything over for nothing else but school.

Yesterday however, I headed out to town looking for a few t-shirts, but nooooo... I didn't find any ^^ On the other hand I found this really cool sweater :D I'll take a picture later on this evening for you to see!

What are your plans for the day? :D


I can't help to feel abit spitefulness when I see stuff like this.
Damn I feel good looking compared to some of them! ;P

What do you think? Celebs with or without makeup? :P

Les Seules - Come and Play Us

It's been a while since it was broadcasted on the TV, but I couldn't help but giggle when I found this on YouTube. This is the end result for the music video that we made to our own song which we tried to record. I must admit that it's wierd to hear myself in the chorus, but still...
It's not THAT bad!!!

The Netherlands -06

The next stop I made was in Utrecht. Wierd place where everyone seemed to be high om something and I think even I got a dose of drug smoke pollution ^^ Tthere was something not all okey on our way back to Sweden, as the pics will tell you :P

Barcelona, Spain -05

This is from my trip to Barcelona in April, 2005 :) It's an awesome city with loads of cool buildings!

Ann and I.. don't you think we're tall?


Damn this hurts!!!

Thailand -02

I've been getting quite a few questions about why I'm having my blog written in english, and the simple reason for that is that I've met alot of people (nowadays my friends) while I've been traveling. So, I've decided to share some pictures from my travels abroad, starting with the one to Thailand in 2002 :)

(During these weeks we visited Khao Lak, Koh Lanta, Krabi, Puket and other small places)

Holy crap!

It's been a wierd day... Really wierd! Let's start with me, who still hasn't eaten any breakfast, and the clock is about to pass 20:00. I don't even know if there's any point in having something to eat now tbh :P

Well.. The sun shined like never before and it was one of those beautiful autumn days, and you just wish that you could be out walking for hours. However, I didn't have that luxury since I had to get to school, even tho I wanted nothing less...

After listening to a wierd lady who talked about course registration for next semester, I couldn't (once again) keep my eyes open during the upcoming two hours... Feeling like crap it was time for the worst of all lecture courses - math! I had no idea how I was suppose to get through this alive. Let me just say to those who weren't there... poor basterds! Our teacher began with one example, and I'm not kidding when I tell you ,it took over an entire hour to finsih it!!! HOLY CRAP....

I got home and found myself sitting infront of my screen, doing nothing really... I was just so tired and exhausted!

20:01... I wonder if there's anyhing on TV?

Mirror, mirror on the wall...

The moment I said it,
The moment I opened my mouth
Lead in your eyelids,
Bulldozed the life out of me

I know what you're thinking,
But darling you're not thinking straight
Sadly things just happen we can't explain

It's not even light out,
But you've somewhere to be
No hesitation
No I’ve never seen you like this,
And I don't like it
I don't like it
I don't like it at all

Just put back the car keys,
Or somebody's gonna get hurt
Who are you calling at this hour?
Sit down, come round, I need you now
We'll work it all out together,
But we're getting nowhere tonight
Now sleep, I promise it'll all seem better,
Somehow in time


I've been looking for this freaking song for years! But I couldn't remember the name of it, so I was youtubing for a while, and I finally found it! I used to LOVE this video, and I still think it's great!

No desire what so ever...

Yeah... I'm up pretty early, even tho I don't have my oral exam untill 9:30. Wierd night, and hard to sleep to some reason. And even tho the weather is pretty ok, I feel sick and tired and I don't have any desire what so ever or getting out of my apartment. I think I'm going to pamper myself after school today. Light a lot of candles, taking a looong hot shower, putting on a facial mask while waxing my legs and just take care of myself... It's been a while since I had some alone time over for such things!

Saturday evening

... and I'm sitting here, drinking Baileys. It's been a long day, even tho I havn't been doing anything. Well, my project group and I got together at my place to start with the project that has to be finished within three weeks - the GUI project. So, after having a debate about what to do and what the GUI should be about etc, I could start having some fun in photoshop with the layout :P You see, we decided to create a game for yonger people (7-10 years old) and ended up with some kind of multiple quiz . You gather trophies at different levels in the game, where each one of them is worth points after respective value on the trophy and with a high score in the end, you'll make it into the toplist ;) Hmm, I think it will be this X-mas big seller!

Anyway, after some extremely hard work (read; sitting on our asses) I got really hungry and we ended up eating some more pizza at our favourite place - Pappa Grappa - stone oven baked italian pizza! The best ever! Haha, we're pratical regulares nowadays, which showed today. There's one lady there in particular which all of us like, she's so funny and easy to like! However, after finishing all of our pizzas she headed over to our table and asked us if we'd seen that they'd started serveing their own homemade italian ice cream. I couldn't help but giggle when I saw the faces on the guys. Just a few minutes later she walked up to our table again with three spoons with vanilla ice cream, and all of us were totaly sold. The best ice cream in entire Norrköping was a fact!

Free make up! :D

Who doesn't want make up without having to pay for it? I know I sure want it to be that way, and now it's actually possible! Push the lovely pic below and become a member to start earing your own points which will turn into real money later on :D

Finally it's friday!

So what have I been up to today? Well, the alarm got me out of bed around 08:20. After taking a short walk to the bakery and had my breakfast, I had finally woken up :P The sun was shining and it was one of those typical autumn days, so the 20min walk to the exam was a piece of cake!

The exam, well... it was one of those "in between" exams where you can collect points for the real one (which takes place in a month or so btw). And I think what I manage to calculate and answer will be enough to get a few points atleast :)

What do you think? Wanna change with me, plz....?!

Friday evening? Hehe, well the guys are on their way over here and then it's time to bake our awesome pizza ;) I'm gonna get fat again if they keep feeding me with all this good food! I guess there will be a game of Buzz too and perhaps an episode of X-files ;D And.... I think I'll have a glass of Baileys or two!

More stuff :D

The past few weeks I've been bidding on for some stuff... Some I lost and others I won. However, here's some of the things I've been collecting so far ;D

Jeans: Fornarina 100;- Shoes: Adidas Goodyear Race 226;- Top: Nikita 1;-

Computer Graphics - Completed

I just found out that I managed to complete a course called Computer Graphics with the grade 4/5. Finally some light at the end of the tunnel!

This is what I've been doing in this course... Making different shapes of things by making and building my own polygons with mathematical methods interpreted in JAVA-labs ^^ Soon I'll be ready for my first awesome movie effetcs... Riiiigt! :P 

It's getting cold...

... really cold that is! But I have someone to keep me warm, someone to cuddle with while watching a bad movie :) Right now however it's freezing cold and I'm waiting for something eatable to be cooked! I don't know if it's the weather or not, but I'm always hungry nowadays, and I feel bitter. What ever it is I don't like it... It drains the little energy I have left in my body! But I guess everybody has this feeling from time to time, right?

Later on this week it's all about school... There's actually NOTHING fun on the scheduale at all, so this is going to be a tough week. On friday there's yet another math-exam, which I'm likely enough to fail ^^ But, keep your fingers crossed anyway!

More shopping...

Again... what a weekend. It seems like I never have an actual day off, there always something that has to be done - something in my apartment or school. And this weekend was no different when I asked my parents to come down to help me remove my broken refrigerator and get the new one home and installed... And to make it a bit more difficult, it's one of those built in ones, so there's been quite a few not so nice words and comments around :P

Anyway, while we were in Linköping, I managed (of course) to get into a few stores, and I found the same pair of jeans that I've already tried on three times before but didn't buy. The reason? Well, I wanted to wait for another few kilos to drop off my body. But this time I bought them (Miss Sixty 1499;- & Carlings T-shirt 199;-)and a t-shirt! God, I'm poor again...

Anna Bergendahl

Okay... I know everyone else in Sweden is also watching this seasons Idol, even tho they won't admit it ;) And this is just a 16 year old girl who I can't get out of my head... her voice totaly stuck with me!

Hmm... what to d0_o!?

I'm sitting in school, in one of the MAC-rooms, and I must admit that I actually like 'em! :D I wouldn't mind having one of those tbh. Anyway, the reason I'm actually having time to write a post is because our teacher is LATE! Oioi ;) But being the sweet and lovable student that I can be, I'm sitting here, inside "Spetsen"... sniffing, errr... waiting for the lecture to begin ;)

Later dudes!

Lip Gloss Challange

A few days ago, Ann challenged and almost dared me to show my little hideaway with different lip glosses etc... These ones below are the ones that I use the most.
But, I've lost my favourite one - a sparkly pink Juicytube... :(

Ann, I'll make sure to throw a challenge right back at you later on this weekend! Be prepared ;)


1. DIOR Addict 202, 2. DIOR Gloss Show 325, 3. DIOR Ultra Gloss 151, 4. DIOR Kiss 318, 5. DIOR Glossy Lipstick 003
6. Estée Lauder Crystal Lipstick 301, 7. Estée Lauder High Gloss 16, 8. Lancöme JuicyTube 49
9. Lancöme Star Bronzer 01, 10. Lancöme Star Gloss 320, 11. Lancöme Juicy Rouge 231,
12. LIP FUSION - Lip Plump "Kiss", 13. Helene Rubinstein "Lemon Heat", 14. Make Up Store "KIMONO"
15. DIOR Box - Addict (489, 579, 687, 384) & Rouge à Lèvres (483, 151), 16. LäppBalsam "BiOliv"  

And then it's sunday igen...

I don't even recall having two days off ^^ I had planned on being a good girl and spend the weekend studying, but nooooo... I haven't even opened a book. The sad part is that I don't even know what I've been doing, cause I haven't really done anything and suddenly it's back to school again :/

Tho, today I have to study for the exam on monday and I have to finish some math too. And you know what I'm going to have for dinner... Haha I'm gonna make small pancakes!


I don't wanna get up today!

Omg... This is going to be a loooong day! Jeeez my head ^^

After showing our ID's at Systembolaget, as always, we (the gang) headed to my place and baked pizza and played some Buzz, and I promise... I would never cheat! Heh, we also managed to fill the table with all different kinds of glasses filled with liqours and drinks. Beer, cider, Smirnoff Ice, red wine, Malibu, Jägermeister, Baileys, Minttu, Cointreau and ofcourse some Jack Daniel's for the lads ;)
 What do you think this mixture will do to your head!?

When I woke up today I could hear the rain pattering outside my window and it's never been so comfy and cozy knowing that I don't have to get up! But, I'm finally up and running since a few hours back and now I just have to deal with my kitchen ^^ I'll let the magic do it's thing and let it wash everything in my oven!


Last week Ann and I talked on the phone for several hours as we always do when the phone rings ;) And we started talking about old memories from when we used to play CS together, which ended up with us whining about our computers... I've got three of them down here, and none of them is actually working the way it should.

One of them, my laptop is just getting old, really slow and makes funny noises from time to time. The second one (my sweet old Betty) is loaded will so many viruses that the guys down here think I shall compete in the championships ^^ The third one, my sponsored Barebone is broken and it seems like it just loves giving me these lovely blue screens!. The motherboard is smashed so the PCIe doesn't work. I'm stuck with the integrated gfx or a lousy 5 year old PCI gfx....


Well, thanks to Ann, her oh so sweeeet *plopp* Jacob, sent me a new gfx for my old Betty! I got it yesterday and we started /format c right away ;D After having some trouble with all different kinds of things, it finally works as it should! Or at least I think so ;P I promise that I won't touch it in the future!

Thank you Jacob!!!

Second week in school...

... and I don't know if I can complain really :P Last week we had wednesday and thursday off, yesterday our day ended around lunch and today we only have one LAB-session which I don't even have to attend if I don't want to, but I'll do that anyway ;) I guess this will hit us all in our backs later on and I think the upcoming weeks will be hectic, atleast for some of us...

What are you planning for this week?

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