REA-syndromet har slagit till!

Visst är det bra konstigt hur vi människor reagerar så snart vi ser en REA-skylt... Antingen får man en galen blick i ögonen eller så blir man dumsnål - å jag tillhör den första kategorin ^^ Fast jag känner mig väl mer som att jag befinner mig i paradiset! Nåväl, shoppa är iallafall någonting som jag är bra på, det kan ingen säga något annat om!

Adidas 1099;-                                                 Nike 899;-

Miss Sixty 499;-

Nolita 999;-                                     Nolita 899:-

Summa summarum? En helt godkänd
prislapp på 1145:-
istället för 4395;-


I can't help to feel abit spitefulness when I see stuff like this.
Damn I feel good looking compared to some of them! ;P

What do you think? Celebs with or without makeup? :P

Free make up! :D

Who doesn't want make up without having to pay for it? I know I sure want it to be that way, and now it's actually possible! Push the lovely pic below and become a member to start earing your own points which will turn into real money later on :D

More stuff :D

The past few weeks I've been bidding on for some stuff... Some I lost and others I won. However, here's some of the things I've been collecting so far ;D

Jeans: Fornarina 100;- Shoes: Adidas Goodyear Race 226;- Top: Nikita 1;-

More shopping...

Again... what a weekend. It seems like I never have an actual day off, there always something that has to be done - something in my apartment or school. And this weekend was no different when I asked my parents to come down to help me remove my broken refrigerator and get the new one home and installed... And to make it a bit more difficult, it's one of those built in ones, so there's been quite a few not so nice words and comments around :P

Anyway, while we were in Linköping, I managed (of course) to get into a few stores, and I found the same pair of jeans that I've already tried on three times before but didn't buy. The reason? Well, I wanted to wait for another few kilos to drop off my body. But this time I bought them (Miss Sixty 1499;- & Carlings T-shirt 199;-)and a t-shirt! God, I'm poor again...

Lip Gloss Challange

A few days ago, Ann challenged and almost dared me to show my little hideaway with different lip glosses etc... These ones below are the ones that I use the most.
But, I've lost my favourite one - a sparkly pink Juicytube... :(

Ann, I'll make sure to throw a challenge right back at you later on this weekend! Be prepared ;)


1. DIOR Addict 202, 2. DIOR Gloss Show 325, 3. DIOR Ultra Gloss 151, 4. DIOR Kiss 318, 5. DIOR Glossy Lipstick 003
6. Estée Lauder Crystal Lipstick 301, 7. Estée Lauder High Gloss 16, 8. Lancöme JuicyTube 49
9. Lancöme Star Bronzer 01, 10. Lancöme Star Gloss 320, 11. Lancöme Juicy Rouge 231,
12. LIP FUSION - Lip Plump "Kiss", 13. Helene Rubinstein "Lemon Heat", 14. Make Up Store "KIMONO"
15. DIOR Box - Addict (489, 579, 687, 384) & Rouge à Lèvres (483, 151), 16. LäppBalsam "BiOliv"  

What a shoppingspree :$

My parents are down for the weekend visiting me, and what that usually ends up with is a walk down town = shopping ^^ And it was no different this time around. We've spent several hours running around in stores today and thank god my dad was with us! Sad but true, he acted our pickolo :P So, here's the catch of the day... What do you think?

T-shirt: SWE 299;- T-shirt: Lindex 99;- Jeans: Acne 1 499;-
Coat: Jeena Nagano 995;- Coat: Jeena Tux Metallic 995;- Coat: Jeena Kobe799;-

Byebye hair!

Yesterday I got tired of having all this hair, always in the way no matter what you're doing. Well, tbh it was ruined last time I coloured it ,and it got really crummy  So... I decided to cut off almost 15cm, let it get healty and grow long again. I just hope I won't miss it that much now ^^

Here's the result for this time!

Oh I remebered...

...that I never showed you the dress I bought a while ago, and now when I got my camera working again I might as well take a pic or two and show you. I've bought a pair of gloves and a scarf too... Early prep for the winter ;)  

Dress: Miss Sixty 1299;-
Boots: River Island ~3300:- (230£)
Gloves: Björn Borg 599;-
Scarf: Malene Birger 799;-

My way or the highway???

Not even a single thing...

I really want and need a new pair jeans, so I spent an hour running around in every store that I like and you know what I found?! Nothing, absolutely nada, except an expensive coat which I can't afford anyway... So, when I got back home, once again all the books looked like something thrown out from hell, and my wardrobe look a lot more fun.

A while ago I decided that I wanted to fit into some old jeans of mine (actually jeans from the 8th grade or something like that ^^) so they've been hanging in my closet reminding me of my "goal". And guess what... Yep, you're right, it's the ones on the dreamy pic!!! WOHO ;D

What a meaningless day

Okay... I've really tried to understand what I'm studying, but I just don't. And when that happens, there's two ways it usually works.

  1. I'll keep on reading, not understanding shit
  2. I'll do something totally different and unnecessary
And today I went with the pointless thing, which ended up with me trying out some clothes to wear, don't even know when... But hey :P I killed an hour!

Top: Topshop 299;-
Shorts: DIESEL 1299;-
Belt: DIESEL 599;-
Shoes: Kurt Geiger 1700;-

 So what do you think? Thumbs up or thumbs down?  

More shoes...

Remember what I said about me not buying anymore shoes? Well, I haven't yet! HA! But I've now come to a point when I'm starting to realize that I'm buying shoes that I can't actually use ^^ Good ey?! Here's a pair I bought in the beginning of the summer (I had been looking for some with that oriental touch) and I found this pair of Andrea Lattanzi (handmade in Italy)... Do I even have to tell you how much they cost? ^^ I doubt it...  

5 summer favourites

I just got a challenge thrown at me from Ann, my sweaty pie, to make a list of my five favourite products this summer. So, here we go!

1.  Colourings Tinted Bronzing Powder

2.  Lancome Star Bronzer

3.  Dior Diorshow

4.  Estée Lauder Double Wear

5.  Lancome Bi-Facil Eye Make up Remover

These are all the products I just have to have in my handbag, can't live without ‘em!

More shopping!!!

I don't know why, but shopping makes me happy... It makes me feel good :P
This time I found a pair of shorts from DIESEL.

Confessions of a Shopaholic

I did it again... But at least it was on sale!!!

I bought another dress today! Hmm, I wonder what's happening to me, I usually hate dresses and skirts, but I've bought two dresses this week! This one however, is more of an autumn/winter dress, knitted and all black... I also bought a belt! It's actually pretty cool, it has coins attached to it :D Sounds weird, I know, but it looks good! I'll take a picture someday for you to see ;)

This has been a great day actually, I've feeling so happy all day long :D Haha and it's not because of the shopping, I promise!

What's the last thing you purchase? Are you satisfied with it or do you regret buying it?

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