In the magazine :D


It's been a lovely day! :D The sun is shining and it's
pretty warm outside. School wasn't too bad either and we got home again around 13:30 :) After having pizza with the guys, again ^^, I think I should eat nothing but soup for a couple of days :P
     Getting home to my place I found another letter on the floor, and this time it was the magazine which interviewed me a few weeks ago :D Just klick on it and enjoy!

You got mail.

When I got home today I was pleased to see that there was a letter on the floor - with a DVD ;D Now I can watch myself whenever I feel that I want to laugh and have a good time :P Haha wanna watch it with me anyone? I've got a lot of popcorn... ;D

Les Seules - Come and Play Us

It's been a while since it was broadcasted on the TV, but I couldn't help but giggle when I found this on YouTube. This is the end result for the music video that we made to our own song which we tried to record. I must admit that it's wierd to hear myself in the chorus, but still...
It's not THAT bad!!!

What goes around comes around?

What goes around comes around, right?! I must say that I feel that way right now after reading about MYM (former, younger and embarrassing Les Seules) not even making it to the podium when it actually counts ^^

A while ago I wrote about "ESWC 2008", and lets just say that some of the sweet ladies in LS thought I was being arrogant, talking about myself as if I was still the best gamer out there (even tho I haven't been playing for almost 2 years) and how I was saying that they sucked, don't know where that came from. All I wrote was that it brought back some good memories.

I'd been asked to do an iview, which was like the biggest joke ever ^^ When I was asked to make a Top3 list to ESWC Masters in Paris, my first question was "Ehmm... But, I don't even know which teams participate?!", and the guy said "Doesn't matter, just make a list... This iview is just for fun and a joke anyway!" ... So, I picked some names that I recognized and made a list where I placed Les Seules as 3rd... Ohh buhu, my dead serious Top3 list was wrong (I'm gonna DIE, my whole life is over) and they finished 1st! A great result considering that there was teams from all over Europe! Now they were off to the states to play the in finals.

However, Paris was a QUALIFIER to the finals in USA, and I don't really think a first place in Paris counts as a first place when all continents aren't there to compete. I'll probably get loads of shit for writing this, but I really don't care tbh ^^

I was told that nobody remembers a second place, but who'll remember a fourth place!? The "new" Les Seules trashed the pretty good reputation that Old Seules had, when they started to get cocky and forgot about representing their brand with a good face. Instead they badmouthed everyone out there and even tho I don't play anymore, I know people who do... and girls, you fucked up and people just don't like you ^^  Maybe they like your pretty faces and sweet asses, but your attitude and personalities? Hahaha... that's all I can say! The only one, who seems to be smart and sweet, is nisse... You go girl, keep your feet on the ground!

So, a first place in a qualifier, or a total failure in the finals? I think people will remember the fiasco from 2008 in USA after being cocky and saying "We're gonna win everything, we are the best... It's as simple as that, everyone else suck!"  ... 

High-Speed-Living 2006 - USA

Okay, back to the update on what I've been doing the past years...
Let's continue with my time in the States!

  New York

- The Gym of Death where Patricia almost killed us!

- Radio-iview with Stern.

- China Town where I tasted Sushi for the first and probably the last time.

- Boxing at Gleason's Gym where Mohammed Ali used to box. I just loved it!

- Dancing in Queens with a choreographer who's worked with Mariah Carey and more.

  Las Vegas

- SKYDIVING!!! Fucking cool...I wanna do it again!

- Walked the Red Carpet during a movie premiere directed by Ben Affleck.

- Radio-Iview with Dick... A real dick how turned everything we said into something with sex.

- Got thrown out of every single casino I sat my foot in ^^

- Shooting Ranch - Colt, MP5, Para, AWP ! Fu**ing cool!!!

- Ran into Mike Tyson in the elevator...

- Horseback riding out in the wild with some real cowboys.

- Line & I headed out for some shopping on The Strip.

  Los Angeles

- Had a ride at Venice Beach with some cool shopper-bikes.

- Played some Paintball against a few PRO's and got my ass kicked.

- We had breakfast with a famous rapper - Won G. Paris Hilton stars in his music videos...  

- We had a quick photo shoot and became cartoon superheroes.

- I had the ride of my life on the highway with a Hells Angels on his Harley Davidson!

- Walked the red Black Carpet at a cemetery - don't even remember the name of the movie.

High-Speed-Living 2006

So let's continue with part one of 2006 - the year when I got to see the world! (Read about 2005)


 New team again and a new boot camp. This time I went down to Malmö to meet up with Les Seules. People were wondering why the hell I would change to a team which EYEBALLERS manage to win over, and the answer was pretty easy - I'd always wanted to be a part of Les Seules!

 After just being a part of the team for 3 weeks, we entered our first tournament with the new line-up - SHGOpen in Denmark.

 After just a short break, it was time for yet another boot camp at Louise's and Lines place. Let's just say that we weren't that excited.


 Time for yet another tournament and this time in Utrecht, The Netherlands. We managed to place 9th-12th out of over a 100 teams.


 We rented a van and drove down to Dortmund and a convention called Hobbytronic. We had our own booth which was one of the most visited ones during the entire week. We played vs. silver* and Tixo etc, and guess what... They lost! ;)

 We didn't even planned on going to RendezVous in Skövde, but we headed over there and met up with the German team Alternate aTTax and had a few crazy party-nights instead of actually competing :P


 Finally we got our self some new sponsored computers from Bringiton!

 Dreamhack Summer and ofcourse the ESWC-quali. We pretty much crushed all the other teams without having been playing for a few weeks.

 ESWC Finals in Paris. The best event ever - shit loads of prize money and good teams from all over the world. We didn't expect to make it thru the second group stage since we hadn't been playing for a while, but sometimes all you need is some fighting-spirit - we finished 2nd and won 9000$.

About the PlayUs Tour ;) That will be upp soon!


 I drove down to meet up with some old team mates from SWW. Did we have a good time or what?! :D

3 Doors Down - Landing in London

Here's a song which has an enormous meaning for me. This song and its lyrics was the ONLY song I listened to during the last two stops on the Play Us tour and it pretty much tells everything about how I was feeling at the point in time. I fell asleep on the flight to London and woke up to this song when the plane touched the ground. I think you'll understand what I'm talking about when you read the lyrics.

"Landing In London"

I woke up today in London
As the plane was touching down
And all I could think about was monday
And maybe ill be back around

If this keeps me away much longer
I dont know what i will do
Youve got to understand its a hard life
That im going through

And when the night falls in around me
I dont think ill make it through
Ill use your light to guide the way
Cause all I think about is you

Well L.A is getting kinda crazy
And New york is getting kinda cold
I keep my head from geting lazy
I just cant wait to get back home

And all these days i spend away
Ill make up for this i swear
I need your love to hold me up
When its all too much to bear

And when the night falls in around me
I dont think ill make it through
Ill use your light to guide the way
Cause all I think about is you

And all these days i spend away
Ill make up for this i swear
I need your love to hold me up
When its all too much to bear

When the night falls in around me
I dont think ill make it through
Ill use your light to guide the way
Cause all I think about is you

Guinness World Records Magazine

When I got back from work last night,
around 00:30, I looked through my mail
as I always do. I'd gotten a mail from
"Guinness World Records Magazine"
who wanted to do an interview with me.
The issue is released in late august,
so keep an eye or two open for it ;)

Our iview in the magazine :)

A few weeks ago, Sofi and I went to Stockholm to do an iview with FRIDA. They wanted to make an article about us and Play Us. While I was working last week I saw the iview in the magazine :D

Sorry to say it’s in Swedish, but for you who’ll understand it – Enjoy!

"Who do you wanna date?"

I just got the biggest chock... I got an URL sent to me form guy I don't even know. I can't help laughing when I see the contesters! :P

"It's really.. Wingly!!!" huh?!

Here's a clip from Play Us - episode 8. Haha just enjoy it and have a few laughs!!! Even though I think this is f*cking embarrassing, I laugh my brains out every time I see it :P Specially Sophie's "It's really... WINGLY!!!"

High-Speed-Living - 2005

It was a while ago since I graduated and got thrown out into the real life... Ewh, that makes me sound old, but I can honestly say that it feels like way more than three years ago! It's been three high-speed-living years tbh... I've managed experience quite a lot of things which most people wont even live through their entire life. It all started because of the game Counter-Strike, and I want to show you guys my story up until now :D

Let's start with my graduation year - 2005.


 It all started with a LAN called Optihack. I went to Gothenburg to meet up with two of my team mates - Ann and Linda from SWW. We didn't compete or anything like that, just talked to a few potential sponsors.


 My team and I - SWW, had just sealed a deal with one of Scandinavia's most famous online computer store, . So we headed down to their stockroom in Staffanstorp for a get-together and LAN-party! To our surprise, when we arrived to their warehouse, there were five sponsored computers waiting for us! ;)


 My team and I went to Stockholm and Inferno Online for a boot camp to practice for an event in Spain.

 Time for CPL Barcelona, Spain - the biggest and the most prestigious competition in the world at that time. This was out first LAN-event EVER, and we didn't do that good :P However, we finished 5-8th place. sponsored our trip. (Notice the lovely colour in the bathroom, we got the handicapped-sign a few seconds too late....)


  Just 5 days after we got back home from CPL Barcelona, we planned to participate in the tournament at RixHack in Gothenburg, but we ended up just going there and having a good time with some old friend instead!


 The 10th I finally graduated and some of my closest friends showed up and surprised me! We had a great time barbequing, drinking wine and having a bunch of laughs!

 We packed our equipment and headed to Jönköping and Dreamhack. We participated in the ESWC-quali but ended at 5th place... Haha not good, but we had a lot of fun with our friends!


  SWW picked up another sponsor - and had a photo shoot with their stuff.


 Time for the second SWW-db LAN to take place. Even more people joined up this time. We arranged a tournament with actual prices, played poker, barbequed in one-time-grills  ^^ and ofc had a few drinks too much ;P


 After changing team to EYEABLLERS, my new team and I had to practice for the Female Tournament at Dreamhack Winter. Time for another boot camp!


 After competing against the world best female team and beating them 3/3 matches, we won the tournament and got our self a lot of stuff for our computers. "EYE IS LIFE!!! NaNaaaNaNaNaa" Remember? ;)

Hang in there, there's more to come in just a day or two... Then it's time for 2006 ;)

Come and play us!

Ok... I just saw episode 8 from Play US, when we're in Berlin, Germany. Embarrassing... So freaking embarrassing! We're trying to sing ^^ HAHA and NO ONE of us even has the slightest talent what so ever when it comes to actually hit even one note ^^ Though, we're experts of coming up with new and unexplored ones :P


Les Seules - Come and play us

Prepped up for the moment,

all braced and fitted out

The brightest kind of brain,

with a stable blood supply.

Every cell in our body is clear on what it's all about

All energized and focused,

you're about to find out why

Come and play us

Co's we won't back down

Come and play us

There's no way around

Started out as automations,

thinking how instead of why

As fit as any badass jock,

as cunning as any guy

Around the world in double time,

put together by the best

Bet your ass we're gonna kick it,

you might as well get dressed

Come and play us

Co's we won't back down

Come and play us

There's no way around

Behind the scenes - 3 - Bangkok: Freakin' stupid dare!

Queen: "I was chosen to give one person a dare yesterday, and the dare is to put this pyjamas on, jump into the pool and sound like a siren! And the one doing it is you Nat0!"

I wasn't even surprised. I knew she was gonna chose me for this crappy dare... I bet you all my money, that they did it on purpose, just because they ALL knew that I hate water. They just wanted to do it to be mean, and embarrass me in front of the cameras to make me look like a spoiled brat who can't even take a joke... And I think they succeed!


ESWC 2008? Hell no!

Two years ago, pretty much around the exact same date, I was to be found in Paris and competing in the E-Sport World Cup 2006 - The world's biggest E-sport competition.


I honestly think that 2006 was the best year ever, especially when it comes to sponsors, price money and last but not least - the competition. All the teams had reached their top and the gaming scene had reached its peak. I'm sorry to say, but it all went downhill after that.

I'm happy that I quitted that summer. "Nat0" disappeared from the CS-scene with her head up in the sky while she was one of the best female gamers out there.

However, all the small talk about ESWC nowadays brings back some memories, all good tbh. We managed to finish second and won 9000$ !!

Behind the scenes - 1 - Bangkok: Catfights!!!

I've finally updated another day from the PlayUs-tour, and it's up on MTV , however, it's not pretty ^^ :P On the other hand, if the girls gets pissed of, they all need to remember that it happend two years ago and that I don't feel like that today. Hopefully they'll agree... ;)

Unfortunally the blog is in swedish, but for you who'll understand it, have a sneak peak!

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