5/6 points :)

Yesterday I finished the second mini exam in Linear Algebra and collected another 2p for the final exam. This means that I've manage to collect 5/6p to the exam on Saturday! That's the maximum score on the mini exams and the last point is something that I'm not allowed to participate in – oral accountings. So, for the first time before an exam it actually feels good, even though the two last chapters for this course confuse me and makes me feel totally lost, but I think I'll manage to straighten things out until Saturday :)

I'm off to school in an hour and all I'll do is math. I don't mind actually :) Some candy and fruit will do the job! ;D

What are you up to today?

Posted by: Ann

gud va skönt, det är inte ofta man känner så inför skolarbete :)

2008-12-09 @ 16:10:42
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