A good grade!

A few weeks ago we had a home exam in the course Communication and User Interface. Well... It ended up with 7 pages of crap pretty much, I had no idea what to write since I didn't understand the questions ^^ But it's seems like it went pretty good anyway, cause I got the grade 5/5 :D WOHO!

But as if that's not enough, I managed to collect the maximum of 3p on the mini exam in the Linear Algebra course. This means that I'll have the benifit of 3p on the big exam!

Congratz to meeeee!!!

Posted by: moa

hurrrrrrra för dig :) Grattis. kram

2008-12-01 @ 17:17:37
Posted by: Ann


2008-12-01 @ 17:59:36
URL: http://kykyri.blogg.se/
Posted by: Peter

Grattis !!!!!! =)

2008-12-01 @ 20:02:34
Posted by: Ann

Här fåru en nominering och utmaning! ;)


2008-12-02 @ 14:27:03
URL: http://kykyri.blogg.se/
Posted by: Mathan

nice :D det är du värd efter allt slit :D

2008-12-02 @ 18:04:17

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