A students advantage ;)

You know... One of the good things being a student is all the different kind of advantages that follows with it.

Well, I won't say that fun all the time, especially not last evening, which I spent at home in front of my computer writing some stupid physics report. I'm still doing the same thing tonight, but (!!!), I got my friend with me ;) A glass of Baileys Caramel with a splash of Minttu.

And the best part? I don't even had to defend it (some might think I'm strange, having a glass alone.. but they wouldn't understand fine liquor even if it was thrown at 'em), I'll just say - “Hey, I'm celebrating, it's just one week left until the first of advent!” ... Cause you all know the big secret, the red thread being a student, right? Every day there's a reason to celebrate something = having a drink or two... or three! ;) Enjoy your upcoming week! Make sure you celebrate something!

Posted by: Ann

Hähä :D

Vi ska fira nästa helg, Henkes födelsedag. Skaru me?

2008-11-23 @ 17:15:37
URL: http://kykyri.blogg.se/
Posted by: Mathan

haha :D somliga skulle ju tycka att man är lite smygalkis men vad kan man säga :D finns alltid ett tillfälle att fira med något gott att dricka :D

2008-11-24 @ 03:42:12
Posted by: Nathalie

Du å jag skulle väl aldrig vara smygalkisar, vi njuter bara lite extra om kvällarna ;)

2008-11-24 @ 09:30:21
URL: http://nat0.blogg.se/

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