Bangkok, Thailand -06

Back in Thailand a few years later, but this time in Bangkok which I didn't get to visit the last time I was there :)

When we arrived in Bangkok at our hotel, they welcomed us with some lovely drinks! :D

After a few hours on a Longtail Boat, I got to see something spectacular...

That Buddah was HUGE!

Elephant-tracking and a visit at a snake-farm.

Just look at it, doesn't it look amasing?!

My hotelroom and a few hours of Thaibox in 40°C :P

The best bar EVER - BedSupperClub!!! Havn't been to anything like it since...

Posted by: Ann

Skulle du göra om resan igen, om du fick chansen till det?

2008-11-21 @ 09:04:30
Posted by: Ann

Mhm, hähä :D

Japp, i helgen får man ta fram alla adventsljustsakar, ska bli så himla mysigt :)

2008-11-21 @ 09:54:06
Posted by: Peter

nice :D

2008-11-21 @ 17:19:00

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