Break a leg?

Happy New Year everybody :D Hope you all had a pleasant evening and still remember half of it ;) I had a great time – good food and a lot of cuddling!

I just wanna show you a picture, which in my mind, is a great way to start the new year! Just look at it, isn't that great?!

Later of the afternoon and evening, we're planning on heading up to the mountains where Blondie's little sister will try to teach me how to snowboard :P There will be pictures here later on from that (my sweetie will try not to laugh so much so that he can snap a few), if I ever get down the mountain that is... Wish me luck!!!

Posted by: Ann

Vilket landskap! Ser helt underbart ut.

Håll dig på fötterna i backen, eller se iallafall till att inte bryta av någonting. Varken på dig eller andra ;)

2009-01-01 @ 11:52:24

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